December 14, 2015
STAMFORD – Representative William Tong (D-Stamford, Darien) applauded the State Bond Commission’s approval of a $2 million grant-in-aid investment in Charter Communications Inc., which recently moved its headquarters from St. Louis to Stamford, bringing hundreds of jobs and millions of dollars in investment.

“This is a big win for Stamford, and brings another Fortune 500 headquarters to Connecticut,” Tong said. “We need to make every effort that we can to create high-quality jobs and expand our economy. Charter Communications’ investment in the City of Stamford shows that our efforts are paying off.”

The grant-in-aid was awarded to assist Charter Communications with the various costs associated with moving its headquarters to Stamford from St. Louis, Missouri. Charter Communications expects to retain 260 franchise jobs and to create 200 corporate headquarters jobs in Connecticut.

“We compete aggressively to attract new companies and support ones that call Connecticut home,” said Governor Malloy. “Charter’s decision to make Stamford its headquarters is a clear indication that Connecticut is open for business.”

“In Connecticut, we are attracting industry leading employers to create high-quality jobs with good benefits to grow our economy,” said Senator Carlo Leone (D-Stamford). “Charter Communications’s investment in the city of Stamford affirms our state’s pro-jobs, pro-business policies. I look forward to Charter Communications continued efforts and investments in producing Connecticut jobs.”

“We appreciate Governor Malloy’s help and support to bring businesses and their employees to Stamford,” said Rep. Terry Adams (D-Stamford). “This funding to help Charter Communications, along with their skilled workforce and their families, to relocate here is an investment in our economy and in Connecticut’s future.”

“This funding is an investment that provides a terrific return for Stamford,” said Rep. Caroline Simmons (D-Stamford). “Job growth is key when we look at any state bonding request. In this case, we expect 400-500 jobs in our city.”

“I want to thank Governor Malloy for this generous grant, which will allow Charter Communications to grow and bring more jobs to Stamford,” said Rep. Patricia Billie Miller (D-Stamford). “The increased economic activity and population growth in Stamford make it an exciting time to be a resident of our great city.”

“Connecticut remains attractive to relocating businesses with Stamford leading the way,” said Rep. Dan Fox (D-Stamford). “Our efforts to remain competitive on a national scale means more jobs and a better business climate.”

In addition, the company will invest more than $10 million in Stamford as it establishes its corporate headquarters. After arriving in Stamford in 2012, the company expanded its footprint in the city in 2014 to accommodate an increased workforce.

Charter Communications is located at 400 Atlantic St. in Stamford.

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