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Sample of Big Settlements and Actions

JUUL: On September 6, Attorney General Tong led 34 states and territories in announcing a $438.5 million agreement in principle with JUUL over marketing to kids.

Anthem Data Breach: Connecticut led $39.5 million multistate settlement with Anthem in September 2020 regarding massive 2014 data breach.

Equifax: Connecticut co-led $600 million settlement with Equifax over 2017 data breach.

ACS Robocall Ring: In March 2021, Attorney General Tong joined with states across the country and FTC shutting down a massive telefunding operation that bombarded 67 million consumers with 1.3 billion deceptive fundraising robocalls.

Robocall Taskforce: Attorney General Tong is one of 16 state attorneys general leading the nationwide Anti-Robocall Task Force.

Elder Justice Hotline: In July 2021, Attorney General Tong re-launched the state Elder Justice Hotline, now staffed by the Office of the Attorney General. Since then, he has traveled the state giving presentations and local senior centers warning against common scams and providing information.

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Would you like to join Team Tong?

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