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For more than a decade in public service, William Tong has taken on powerful forces and beaten them.  As the House Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, William has overall responsibility for Connecticut’s legal system. In that role, William took on the National Rifle Association and won, protecting victims of domestic violence by taking guns away from their abusers.  He took on the big banks and overhauled our state’s foreclosure laws to help Connecticut families stay in their homes during the financial crisis.  He took on a system of mass incarceration to give thousands who made mistakes a second chance to succeed and he reformed an unjust bail system.  He took on right-wing extremists and helped to pass historic, first-in-the-nation civil rights laws, including laws to protect the LGBTQ community. William took on these fights alongside Connecticut’s families in the name of fairness, justice, and because each was the right thing to do.

A Connecticut native born to immigrant parents, this is a very personal fight for William -- he has always fought for families like his who have worked hard to find opportunity here in our state and our nation. Growing up in the Hartford area, the Tong’s owned a Chinese restaurant where William worked alongside his parents before going to Brown University and then the University of Chicago Law School where he was taught by then-Professor Barack Obama. He is currently a lawyer at Finn, Dixon & Herling LLP, one of Connecticut’s leading law firms where he practiced law for 14 years.

William took on the fights that matter to Connecticut families and he won. William’s record of fighting for Connecticut’s citizens and most vulnerable communities shows he’s ready to follow in the footsteps of Dick Blumenthal and George Jepsen to take on the fight against the powerful interests that only care about their bottom line, not Connecticut families. And he’s ready to take on the harmful policies coming out of Donald Trump’s Washington, D.C.

Today, the opportunities that William and his four sisters were given to succeed through the love and hard work of his parents are at risk by the hateful policies coming out of Donald Trump’s Washington. The deck is being stacked against the middle class and working families while immigrants and communities of color are being threatened by the hateful and bigoted policies of Donald Trump, and we need leaders who are willing to stand up and fight. That’s why William is exploring a run for statewide office, including Attorney General, because families like his are being put at risk. William was always taught to raise his hand to help when it’s needed. And he’s doing it again today in exploring a statewide campaign.

William lives with his wife, Elizabeth, their three children and many pets in Stamford. Elizabeth is Vice President of Tax for North America for the Diageo Corporation.

- William Tong