William Tong

Committed to the People of Connecticut

Whether it is JUUL, Frontier, Purdue, Facebook, or Eversource, I am taking on the toughest fights, and I never back down when it comes to protecting Connecticut families.

I forced utilities to pay back over $100 million for their failed response to Isaias. I am leading the nationwide price-fixing case against the generic drug cartel. I am investigating TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook over the threats they pose to our kids. I secured millions of dollars for families and taxpayers on a wide-range of healthcare and consumer fraud issues, from robocalls and student loans to travel disruptions and price-gouging. I’m not done fighting the big health insurers, utilities, and banks over their unaffordable rates and unacceptable service.

I have taken on the entire addiction industry–including Purdue and the Sacklers, to bring $32.5 billion nationwide to fight the opioid epidemic, approximately $400 million to Connecticut alone.

I won’t back down in the face of extremist threats to abortion and our post-Sandy Hook gun laws. I will fight in any court, in any state, anywhere reproductive freedom is challenged, and I will vigorously defend the state’s ability to protect our children from gun violence.

I am grateful and honored to serve as Connecticut’s Attorney General and hope to earn your support for a second term.

About William Tong

William Tong is the first Asian American elected at the statewide level in Connecticut. Previously, he practiced for 18 years as a litigator in state and federal courts at major firms in New York City and Stamford. He served as a State Representative for 12 years, during which he was chairman of the Judiciary and Banking committees. He resides in Stamford with his wife, Elizabeth, and their three children (and way too many pets). He has received the endorsement of the Connecticut Democratic Party and the Working Families Party for his re-election as Connecticut’s Attorney General.

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